I Don’t Like You. Sorry Not Sorry.

‘I don’t know what the secret to success is. But I DO know what the secret to success is. And that is, trying to please everybody’ — Someone smarter than me, a long time ago

I was on Twitter a while back talking about how I don’t like Kermit the Frog. And I don’t. It’s nothing personal, I just don’t like him. I remember reading an ‘interview’ that someone from USA Today (another medium I don’t like, when I still read it) did decades ago, where Kermit was wearing a biker jacket and T-shirt in the headshot and how Kermit was talking about ‘not having one on one time with Mom’ and being reticent about talking about Jim Henson. Come on! ITS A FREAKING PUPPET!!!!!!

Point being I don’t like him. So I say this and someone calls me out and says I don’t get it, Bein’ Green is all about racial harmony and accepting everyone.

Stop right there.

What are you saying, exactly? Are you saying that because I don’t like Kermit that perhaps my worldview is not parallel to his? Or worse? And let’s remember HE IS A FREAKING PUPPET. He is by definition a fictional character. It’s NO DIFFERENT than if I said I didn’t like Homer Simpson or Spider-Man or whatever the mascot character for Duke is.

My first mistake was backpedaling. ‘Well, I didn’t mean that I hate his IDEALS….’ Wrong, Pete. Wrong. See above. Many people like Kermit and that’s because Kermit is a very likable character. You don’t. And that’s fine. But THAT IS AS FAR AS IT GOES. If people want to make accusations about your character based on this, that’s their problem. What’s going to be their position if they try to prove this to the masses? ‘Well, Pete hates Kermit. So therefore by necessary extension he hates everything Kermit believes in.’ And yet all too often this ridiculous logic carries the day.

Do you see me working?

It is sad that the world has come to this. That everything becomes something that divides us. That you can’t not like something without being called out on it. And it’s getting worse. And people are becoming more and more emboldened.

People say that the pandemic ‘brought us together’ Sorry, but I’m not feeling it. If anything it seems to have driven us further apart. I’ve said before that there was no Beatles to bring us together in the aftermath of JFK, no Piazza/Diamondbacks/Patriots-Tom Brady to bring us together in 2001–02. And I think a big part of this is that the pandemic, by and large, drove us apart. It’s great we can work from home, get food delivered by UberEats, watch first run movies on a 65 inch flat screen (which by the way may be small) But this comes at a cost. We stay in our comfort zones. We stay with people we like. And perhaps in the process we close ourselves off to ideas and opinions that don’t square with ours. And maybe because it’s easy to say something to someone when you are safely behind a keyboard. ‘Flame wars,’ we called this 25 years ago.


I don’t like Kermit. That’s It. I’m sure the people who make him what he is are fine human beings who want to make the world a better place and believe that doing it through a puppet is the best way to do it. Great. Fantastic. Can we agree to disagree and move on?

But you know what the saddest thing is? For me, I will always say that if I get 100 likes on something I post and one person blocks me after posting what a piece of shit I am, what am I going to remember? Alas, that is the way I am hardwired. It would be nice if I weren’t; but I guess all of us have something we need to work on.

BTW I don’t like Notre Dame either. I’m writing this as they have a TWENTY NINE POINT LEAD on Oklahoma, who I do like. You may proceed as you wish.

That’s all for today.



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