Four For Dinner

A favorite question that comes up is who would you like to have if you could have a dinner party with any four people; living or dead. People will often pick their favorite four people across all major fields, and it would wind up being like an All-Star team: a lot of heavyweights and big names, but how would they gel?

My pat answer for three quarters of the table has been Jim Brown, LeBron James, Denzel Washington. All three of these men are principled and interesting. All three would bring gravitas, all three would have a worldview steeped in their respective generations.

As to the fourth. Today the fourth name came into my mind: Chris Rock. I’ve always liked Rock, I’ve always enjoyed his work. It has nothing to do with what I heard may have happened about a week ago: all I know is he seems to be a stand up guy and he likes to make fun of himself. But he seems to have character and I think would bring a fourth worldview. Brown is close to 90; Denzel is close to 70; Rock is 55, LeBron is close to 40. Four different generational worldviews. Sit back, listen and look pretty. And make sure there are enough cheese biscuits, because you can’t have enough of those.

By the way if one couldn’t make it the alternate would be Gus Johnson, FOX play by play broadcaster. Glad that’s cleared up.



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