And the non-winners are….

From the time it became the standard, I have abhorred ‘..and the (award) goes to…’ At best, this is yet another ‘victory’ for the politically correct.

And it makes me angry. Even more so now.

What’s the reason for this? ‘Well, it implies that the other nominees are losers.’ Bullshit. First of all, considering all the eligible performers, to be in the group of five (or whatever) nominated, that’s a pretty special deal. That’s an achievement in itself. Indeed, after the awards are given out, it will be noted, with pride, that whatever was nominated for however many X awards. And people can use their nomination as a means to advance their careers, or otherwise find work when maybe they wouldn’t otherwise.

‘But guys like Gary Busey have been nominated for Oscars and he’s an idiot! How do you justify THAT?’ I agree that it is a shame that what appeared to be a promising career didn’t work out; but that doesn’t take away the fact that once upon a time he WAS nominated for a statuette. As the old saying goes, Flags Fly Forever. That’s just one example. Furthermore there are a number of actors whom have been nominated however many times that have lost. Amy Adams is 0 for 6 (although I’m sure she’ll score one someday). Glenn Close is 0 for 7. The late Peter O’Toole was 0 for 8. Hell; James Dean was 0 for 2. Are you telling me that this isn’t something to be proud of?

This goes perhaps even more so for actors who have been nominated an obscene number of times. Meryl Streep (probably the GOAT female actress, sit down Katharine Hepburn) is 3 for 21. Do you mean to tell me that she’s an 18 time loser? No. Susan Lucci is 1 for whatever she is. I don’t consider her a X minus one time loser (I think it’d be 21 but I’m not sure). Same with Randy Newman, X minus 1 time loser. No.

The insinuation is that, somehow, you’ll make people who don’t win feel better by not announcing who ‘the winner’ is. Someone got the most votes, and so they won the statuette. Were it me, I wouldn’t care how they announced it; I would be disappointed that I didn’t win, although I would nonetheless be proud that I was considered one of the better performers.

But you know what? None of what I said above matters. None of it.


Because, after the awards are made, the winners WILL ANNOUNCE THAT THEY WON!!! In advertisements, ‘Award winner X’ ‘Cy Young Award winner Y’ ‘Three time award winner Z’ Even the organization that gives the award away will refer to a prior award winner as an award winner! As such, I find it highly hypocritical — if not deplorable - that somehow not announcing who specifically ‘the winner is’ during a ceremony will turn around and refer to someone or a group as a winner down the road, whether at the next award show or whenever.

All saying ‘the award goes to’ does is push implying that the other nominees are somehow losers down the road. You don’t say it during the ceremony, but you DO say it in advertisements or at further ceremonies, in news stories or whenever.

‘But in advertisements you don’t know who the other nominees are. So it doesn’t ‘sting’ as much’ Again, bullshit. First, and perhaps most important, the other nominees will know. They’ll know what they were nominated for but didn’t get. And while the other nominees will become the answer to trivia questions down the road, I would submit there are many people — A LOT- out there that would still know who the other nominees were. And most of them will not consider them losers, but consider them accordingly. Especially if you know or like someone a lot, you may feel bad, your heart may be broken, but how the announcement is made wont make you feel any different.

Think of it as the Buffalo Bills of the early 90s who went 0 for 4 in Super Bowls. (And don’t blame Scott Norwood for one of the losses; don’t get me started). Or the Oakland Athletics who always seem to run out of gas around October 1. You have to be pretty damn good to lose 4 Super Bowls in a row. Or to make the playoffs as much as the Athletics do, especially after the constant purging and churn of the 25 man roster.

I don’t imagine anything will change. My message again is that, however you announce it, it’s not going to make the nominees feel any better or less disappointed.

That’s it for today. I’ll try to be a little more upbeat tomorrow. Or when I post next.



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